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  • GOAL: Read aloud daily - at home - for at least 20 minutes.
  • BOOK CHOICE: Books that your child finds interesting and that are on his/her independent reading level. You can go to the Leveled Books section for some suggestions.
  • PROCEDURE: Sit next to your child and watch the text as s/he reads aloud. If s/he makes an error, point to the word and say, "This word tricked you." Then, point to the beginning of the phrase and say, "Start here." If your child misses the same word again, tell him/her the word and move on. Do not turn independent reading into a phonics lesson!
  • RULE OF THUMB: If your child makes more than 1 error in every 10 words regularly, that book is too difficult. Choose another book.
  • FORM: Please return this form every week to your child's tutor.
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