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Next StepsSM & Higher StepsSM in Botswana

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Training Day #1

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Training

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Tutoring in the Car Port

UURC Steps in Botswana

UURC Steps in Botswana
Word Bank #1

UURC Steps in Botswana
Word Bank #2

UURC Steps in Botswana
Word Study Sort

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Leadership Building

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Main Hall

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Modeling Tutoring

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI NS-HS Materials

UURC Steps in Botswana
SSI Office Building

UURC Steps in Botswana
Assisted Reading


UURC-USOE STAR Collaboration

USOE STAR Training
Susan Okroy (Literacy Tutoring Specialist) for the State Office of Education and Kathleen Brown Director of the University of Utah Reading Clinic.

USOE STAR Training

USOE STAR Training
Kathleen Brown (University of Utah Reading Clinic Director) training Americorp supervisors on STAR at the Utah State Office of Education.


Ogden City School District Honors

On Thursday, April 18, 2103, Ogden City School District Central Office honored UURC Director, Kathleen Brown, for 12 years of service to Odgen public school educators, struggling readers and English Language Learners.
UURC staff members Molly Maloney Nemetz and Lynette Jensen were also honored for their outstanding work with close to 100 struggling readers at Mound Fort Junior High. Students typically make approximately 1 year's reading growth in an average of 45 intervention sessions.

Ogden Award 2013
Pictured from left to right are: Peggy Dooling-Baker, Mound Fort principal;
Molly Maloney Nemetz, Mount Fort UURC Supervisor;
Kathleen J. Brown, UURC Director;
Lynette Jensen, Mound Fort UURC Assistant; and
Paula Kashiwaeda, OCSD Special Education Assistant Director.


Our 2012 Open House

The University of Utah Reading Clinic held an open house in celebration of a new, customized and spacious site. Thanks to the generosity of the Foothold Foundation, we are now located at 5242 South College Drive in Murray, Utah with 60% more space than our previous location. As a result, the UURC now accommodates many more students in need of reading intervention.

Open House
Honored guests (from left to right): Dr. Michael Hardman, Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs;
Dr. John McDonnell, Acting Dean of the College of Education;
Dr. Kathleen Brown, Director-- UURC; and
Dr. Phyllis (Teddi) Safman, Program Officer for the Utah State Office of Higher Education: Board of Regents.

Open House
Megan Petersen: Intervention specialist, working with Fremont Elementary School as part of a joint UURC/Davis School District federal grant for school improvement.


Early StepsSM Quads in Iron County

Quads Word Study CheckQuads Coral Reading
Iron School District Early StepsSM Quads participants work on "tapping" during Word Study Random Check.Early StepsSM Quad 1st graders choral read, Stop That, a level three text.
Quads MemoryJill Savage tapping
Early StepsSM Quad 1st grader partners play "Memory" with On-Set Vowel words.Iron School District Early StepsSM Trainer, Jill Savage, teaches 1st graders how to "tap across the word" (phonological recoding) at Three Peaks Elementary School.
Quads Concept of Word 
Early StepsSM Quad 1st graders read their sentence aloud while pointing to develop Concept of Word. 

Next StepsSM Triads in Washington School District

Dixie Sun TriadsTriads Word Bank
Dixie Sun Elementary in Washington School District discusses requirements for Next StepsSM Triads with Dr. Kathleen Brown.Word Bank with Next StepsSM Triads.
Triads Focus StudentTriads Educator Observations
Next StepsSM Triads 4th graders sort Mixed Short Words. Tutor works with Focus Student; remaining students, partner.Next StepsSM Triads Educators peer observe each other at Dixie Sun Elementary in Washington School District.


Next StepsSM at Northwest Middle School

Northwest 1Northwest 2
Northwest 3Northwest 4

Assembling Next StepsSM Words Kits brings educators from three schools together - 5 educators from Northwest Middle School, 5 educators from North Star Elementary, and 2 resource and reading specialists from Rose Park Elementary have made a commitment to the clinical practicum of Next StepsSM. Supported by the principals from the Northwest Feeder pattern schools and the Salt Lake Professional Development Department educators embark on a new initiative of vertical teaming and across-school-collaboration.